Resources Roundup | March 6, 2014

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Article: My experiments in lean pricing | Venture HacksMy experiments in lean pricing | Venture Hacks

What you charge for your product is simultaneously one of the most complicated and most important things to get right. Not only does your pricing model keep you in business, it also signals your branding and positioning. And it’s harder to iterate on pricing than other elements of your business. Once you set a price, […]

…The value of a concert experience is reasonably understood.  You pay high prices and get one or two bands performing in a stadium for two hours. Instead of lowering prices, the Stones could have increased the real and perceived value delivered by providing a free gift with purchase (high perceived value with low actual cost), more product […]



T-Mobile is basking in the limelight courtesy of masterful marketing and an aggressive promotion launched last week. First, its CEO, John Legere, was ceremoniously kicked out of a Las Vegas party thrown by wireless rival AT&T. But what’s really generating buzz is the fourth largest U.S. wireless carrier’s offer to pay up to $650 for new customers to switch to its […]

The reason so many people want to be transactional and agree to a discount their price is that it eliminates one of the major areas of conflict in sales. If you agree to your prospective client’s price, then there is no conflict, you just say “yes” and you are off to the races. While this approach eliminates a […]



Books: Recommended Reading > Price DiscountingRecommended Reading > Price Discounting

We periodically like to feature a hot pricing topic and recommend a few well respected Pricing Books that cover said topic. Today we are focusing on Discounting practices…. Recommended Reading: Pricing Resources Book Entry 1 Pricing Resources Book Entry 2 Pricing Resources Book Entry 3


Pricing Book Database

As a service to pricing professionals, we have compiled a database of the best pricing focused hard-copy books and e-books available. To help your fellow pricing professionals, please add comments on the books you have read. Feel free to share your thoughts on the authors, their comments, theories, etc. We also welcome emails with recommendations for […]



The global service parts industry continues to be highly competitive, borne from a series of trends: a weak economy; automakers’ pressures to cut supplier prices; higher costs for raw materials; and increased competition from global providers, in particular China and India. Facing these challenges and an industry that is slow to change, it’s clear something […]
Guest Editor: Dr Stephan Liozu, Case Western Reserve University and Dr Andreas Hinterhuber, Hinterhuber & Partners In 2015, a special issue on “The Profit Impact of Pricing and Revenue Management” will be guest edited by Dr. Stephan Liozu and Dr. Andreas Hinterhuber. We invite the scientific and practicing community to submit papers by 15 June 2014 in order […]



Report: The Price of Pricing Effectiveness – Is the View Worth the Climb | DeloitteThe Price of Pricing Effectiveness – Is the View Worth the Climb | Deloitte

As companies seek ways to increase profit margins and improve overall business performance, business leaders are increasingly turning to pricing as a discipline that can boost their bottom lines. A search of publicly available data reveals a significant number of blue-chip companies that acknowledge pricing improvement as a part of their earnings success. Yet many seem […]


Report: Gartner MarketScope for Price Optimization and Management Software for B2B: 2013Gartner MarketScope for Price Optimization and Management Software for B2B: 2013

The 2013 MarketScope for PO&M helps clients evaluate vendor software and service offerings, as well as align their price management strategies with the major trends affecting pricing professionals. The findings in the MarketScope are based on primary research conducted by Gartner, client interactions and inquiries on the multiple considerations that are part of developing a […]



A fabulous car commercial that covers perceived value, customer segmentation, and dynamic pricing. It uses the proven pricing training ground of the lemonade stand pricing problems.

VolkswagenCanada – Passat owners beware: People will think you paid more than you did. Starting at just $23,975, the Volkswagen Passat comes with standard features (18″ alloy wheels, Kessy Keyless access and […]

Ten Pricing Lessons from Cartoons

A wonderful collection of pricing wisdom found in popular cartoons and comic strips.

PricingProphets – This is the sixth in a series of “Ten Things” presentations, in which Jon Manning, the Founder & Managing Director of, looks at ten pricing lessons from cartoons

Pricing Manager’s First Day

A very popular pricing cartoon that captures the struggles that come with being a Pricing Manager.

Tanglethatch – Pricing Manager’s First Day



One of our favorite videos that take a unique route to explain how much perceived value is at the heart of successful premium pricing programs.

jimboingo – A rad to the power of sick test that sets out to prove the power of creativity by George Patterson Y&R Melbourne. We bought a BMX off ebay, […]

Sell Value, Not Price

One of our favorite short videos on the power of a value-based pricing strategy – demonstrated by a great slight of hand exhibition with currency.

Gihan Perera – If you’re competing on price alone, you’ll go broke. Focus on value and you’ll always come out on top. By Gihan Perera