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Gain targeted exposure to 10,000’s of pricing professionals by advertising with Pricing News.

Pricing News is a well-respected pricing industry resource dedicated to increasing the awareness of the power of effective pricing strategy and technology. We offer a network of online resources and industry specific publications that curate pricing thought leadership, pricing successes and failures in the news, professional development events, and other high-value pricing related resources. Our publications and posts reach far and wide in the pricing world.

Advertising on the Pricing News website network provides your brand, event(s), thought leadership and products/services content, etc. with exposure to 10,000’s of pricing professionals in a cost effective manner. We offer multiple ways for your organization to gain targeted exposure to those looking for the best partners and solutions to their pricing-related needs.



  • Targeted exposure in well-respected pricing websites, publications, LinkedIn, and social media
  • Targeted brand and thought leadership content exposure among 10,000’s of professional pricer’s
  • Enhanced SEO efforts with high-value back-links from pricing focused authority websites
  • Content viewable to all visitors and search engines (no subscription required to access content)
  • Costs less than traditional pay-per-click and/or press release distribution models
  • Extended reach of your marketing and public relations efforts



  • Pricing News Websites Total Traffic > 100,000+ page views and 10,000’s of visits per month, Unique Visitors were up 120% YOY and RSS Views were up 160% YOY (2017/2016)
  • Pricing LinkedIn Discussion Group Reach > 100,000+ members, Pricing News group with 5,500+ members ranks in top 5 search results for pricing on LinkedIn
  • Pricing News LinkedIn Followers > 10,700+
  • Matt’s personal LinkedIn connections > 11,000+
  • Social Media Impressions > 10,000’s per month


Sponsorship Program

We can create a Monthly Subscription Advertising Package that fits any digital marketing budget.

Our monthly subscription fees range from $150-300 per month depending on ad spot size on the Pricing News website network, scope and frequency of exposure of your content, number of your events per year, etc.

Package includes:

  • Recurring Pricing News Daily and This Week in Pricing publication edition sponsorships
  • Banner or sidebar ad spots ad spot graphic that will appear on all webpages in the PricingHub/News network
  • Sponsor Spotlight blog highlighting all of your offerings
  • Sponsor page recognition
  • Recurring promotion of your thought leadership content in PND and TWIP publications and on Pricing-Hub.com/Resources, Technology or /Experts
  • Recurring promotion of your thought leadership content to Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn Pricing News Followers/Group Members of your content/events and RT’s, Favorites of your SM posts


“We look forward to being your digital marketing and social media partner to get your thought leadership content, collateral, events, etc. targeted exposure to 10,000’s of pricing professionals.”

Matt Balfour, Founder and Managing Director of Pricing News


Advertising Requests or Questions

We also offer direct email and other promotional services, email us at PricingHub@gmail.com to inquire about advertising packages.