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Industry leading pricing academic programs, authorsevent producersexpertstechnology vendors, and trainers now have an opportunity to promote their brand , events, products, training programs and certifications, and services.

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Inclusion in our publications and on our websites provides valuable exposure in targeted pricing industry specific publications, online resources, and on major social media platforms and LinkedIn. Our Pricing Events Calendar and BooksExpertsTech, and Resource Databases are regularly promoted on major social media platforms, on LinkedIn, in blog publications, and in email and online marketing campaigns.

The exposure received is more targeted than the traditional press release distribution and/or pay-per-click advertising models. For less than the cost of a basic Businesswire/PR Newswire press release per month/quarter/year, your team can gain targeted exposure to thousands of pricing professionals and decision makers each month.

PricingHub is a unique way to reach potential customers and important decision-makers with your message.  Our readers have an interest in pricing and may be looking for the best partners and solutions to their pricing-related issues and needs. Highlight your company’s name, product/service or message to these potential customers today.  Let us be your on-line marketing and social media partner to get your thought leadership content, collateral, events, etc. the added exposure it deserves.


  • Targeted exposure in well-respected pricing online assets, publications, social media platforms, and email newsletters
  • Targeted brand and thought leadership content exposure among 10,000’s of professional pricers
  • Enhanced SEO efforts with high-value back-links from pricing focused authority websites
  • Content viewable to all visitors and search engines (no subscription required to access content)
  • Costs less than traditional pay-per-click and/or press release distribution models
  • Extended reach of your marketing and public relations efforts


Program Details

Event Promotion

  • Basic – $295 per event, listing includes:
    • Event calendar entry including: Event name, date,  time, location, cost, about paragraph, registration link
  • Premium – $495 per event, listing includes:
    • Event calendar entry and Announcement Blog on Pricing Events and Pricing News including: Event name, date,  time, location, cost, about paragraph, logo and/or graphic, registration link, event website URL, event announcement blog, inclusion in Event Update announcements, Event Announcement inclusion in Pricing News Daily and This Week in Pricing Publications’ events section, social media and LinkedIn promotion

Product or Service Promotion

  • Basic – $295 per offering, program includes:
    • Tech or Expert Blog entry including: Offering name, About paragraph, “Learn more here” Link
  • Enhanced – $395 per offering, program includes:
  • Premium – $495 per offering, program includes:
    • Tech or Expert Blog entry including: Offering name, Expanded overview, “Contact us” Link, logo, graphics, and testimonials, inclusion in at least four Pricing News Daily and two This Week in Pricing Publication Editions, social media and LinkedIn promotion, inclusion in Tech or Expert Documentation sections

Training Services,  Certification Promotion, or Academic Program


Book Promotion

  • Basic – $295 per book, program includes: Book Database Entry with Author, Title, Cover Image, Summary, and Link to purchase on Amazon
  • Premium – $495 per book, program includes: Book Database Entry with Author, Title, Cover Image, Summary, and Link to purchase on Amazon, an Experts Database Listing, an Expert Spotlight blog, periodic inclusion in Books Database announcements

Terms and Conditions

  • Prices listed are in US$
  • Payment due in advance of listings being posted
  • Previews of listings are sent for approval prior to publication

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