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Webcast: SPASigma: Negotiation Training Seminars and Learning Management System | SPA

2016/09/15 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Typically, salespeople are trained to sell, buyers are trained to buy. Buying and selling skills provide one component, but the subject of negotiation is vast and complex. Once exposed to formal negotiation training, experienced professionals are often amazed to learn of the vital areas of opportunity only visible through the lens of negotiation.

SPASigma Seminars are dynamic one-day and two-day events, specially crafted to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the art and science of negotiation. Entertaining case studies, eye-opening critiques and interactive group exercises equip you with the skills and knowledge to negotiate more profitable agreements immediately.

Learning Management System

  • Platform to ensure long-term retention
  • Monthly 1-Hour Webinar/Video with Exercises, Games and Testing
  • Best in Class platform accessible on any device
  • Tracking of individual performance
  • Certification Levels: White Belt, Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black Belt
  • Social Recognition


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