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Webcast: e-Commerce: Learn How to Strategically Price Your e-commerce Business to Capture Market Share or Capture More Margin | SPA

September 29, 2016
2:00 PM Eastern

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Topics Covered:

e-Commerce Offensive Pricing Strategy

  • Gain market share, but with lower GM% expectations.
  • Price levels will be more aggressive than current business.
  • No customer loyalty, choices based on each transaction.
  • Use economic or price fighting brands.
  • Leverage channel specific pricing with web as portal to it.
  • 3 click process to place an order drives higher conversion rates … search engine optimization (seo).
  • Automated self service models needed to answer customer questions.
  • Be aware of price method mix shift, with existing customers moving to the web … build fences.
  • Measure ROI to ensure delivering.
  • And more…

e-Commerce Defensive Pricing Strategy

  • e-commerce provides value added services to your exist customers.
  • Drives operational efficiency inside your business.
  • Leverage ecommerce to extend your current strategic pricing model to new customers.
  • Uncover and attack the natural variation that exists in the market.
  • Leverage channel specific pricing with web as portal to it.
  • Don’t advantage new customers with better price levels.
  • And more…

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