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Report highlights significant variation in healthcare costs | Augusta Free Press

Unlike insurers and employers, those without health insurance have very little information to help to negotiate costs.  On VHI’s website, consumers can gain leverage by using the average amount health insurance companies approve.  “With the release of the 2016 Healthcare Pricing Transparency report, VHI continues to serve as an unbiased resource for consumers trying to navigate the complicated world of healthcare costs.” Kyle Russell, Strategy and Analytics Manager.

Transparency in healthcare prices is a prominent issue across the U.S. with some states taking on the challenge to collect and share this information with the public.  On a national level, the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) recently wrote that “We are concerned that challenges continue to exist for patients due to insufficient price transparency.”

In a 2017 national report card published by the Altarum Institute, Virginia was just one of six states earning a passing grade in pricing transparency.  “Virginia remains highly regarded for its pricing transparency efforts as consumers seek to make more informed healthcare purchasing decisions.” Michael T. Lundberg, Executive Director.

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Report highlights significant variation in healthcare costs : Augusta Free Press.

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