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A Post-Christmas Carol | Strategic Pricing Solutions

Customers are smart, they’re cagey and quick;
They know their vendors can be like St. Nick.
When quotas are missed in the first period or two,
Gifts and discounts for customers old and new.

“Hey Dasher, hey Dancer, hey Prancer and Vixen,
It’s time for your sales team to be a blitzin’.
Come to my office and into my hall!
Now drop your price, drop your price, drop your price all!”

“I will hold out til the end of the year,
And wait til you sellers discount out of fear.
You’ve trained us to wait the data will show,
And your margins have suffered as we all know.”

Then in a twinkling I heard a voice of reason,
“Let’s not give it away this holiday season.
We can price to the value we know we deliver,
If we show the courage and do not quiver.”

“We have to get off this lurching train,
So prices and discounts can be normal again.
Short-term pain will turn to pleasure,
When our prices reflect the value we measure.”

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A Post-Christmas Carol.

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