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Report: European Pricing Maturity Study | EPP

Pricing power is one of the key ways that businesses can create value for themselves. Improving a company’s approach to pricing leads to more opportunities to create and capture value for customers, which results in increased sales and healthier margins. Developing pricing maturity takes time and effort, but understanding how to capture what customers perceive as valuable provides greater opportunities for companies to perform better in their chosen markets.

In this first pricing maturity study of its kind, the European Pricing Platform (EPP) investigated the perceived, actual and desired state of pricing maturity in 121 companies across Europe. The in-depth report reveals which industries have the best pricing maturity, which ones need a wake-up call, and the biggest challenges that companies are facing today.

How does your company’s pricing maturity stack up against colleagues within the same and/or other industries? Read this ground-breaking report to better understand the capability gaps within your organization and what may be keeping you from realizing greater pricing power and sales effectiveness that can help you outperform.

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European Pricing Maturity Study

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