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The words disrupt and disruption are used more and more in the areas of business strategy and innovation. The definition of disruption in Wikipedia is “an event which causes an unplanned, negative deviation from the expected delivery … according to the organization’s objectives”. Clearly this definition is too limitative and fairly negative. The word disruption carries negative connotations. So does the word revolution for that matter. I used these words quite a bit in my writings and I adopt a different definition which includes a more positive and dynamic tone. For me the word disruption in business, innovation and pricing conveys a sense of dynamism, pro-activeness and counter-intuitiveness that can generate excitement in markets. It is about being alive and injecting positive mindful energy in business.


For the past ten years, practitioner’s published literature have highlighted the existence of numerous pricing myths. Many of them have disappeared with the modernization and professionalization of the pricing function in firms. Pricing has come a long way with the emergence of pricing software, modern pricing strategies and many excellent pricing books. Marketers and pricers learn and apply these new tools and concepts and myths slowly disappear. However new myths pop up in conversations and pricing practice and we thought it might a good topic of a discussion on the Professional Pricing Society Linked In group. Here are ten of the latest and interesting pricing myths representing the voice of some pricing professionals.

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