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value innoruption advisorsFounded by Dr. Stephan Liozu, Value Innoruption Advisors provides training and consulting resources for organizations interested in embedding value-based methodologies in their go-to-market strategies related to innovation, marketing, pricing, and sales. Value Innoruption Advisors offers two popular value and pricing management certification programs – Customer Value Modelers™ (CVM™) and Change Agent in Pricing™ (CAP™).

Stephan M. Liozu’s Bio

Agent of Disruption

Stephan Liozu

Stephan M. Liozu is a creator, a disruptor, a designer and an achiever. With 20 years experience in business, he has recently focused on design and creativity and considers business an art.


 Liozu Mind Map

Stephan has worked for both Fortune 500 companies and family-owned businesses. He specializes in crafting and designing unique innovation and business strategies leading to differentiated business models. Stephan moderates brainstorming, mind mapping and creativity sessions with executives, partners and customers to generate ideas, value models, value propositions and innovation strategies.

Stephan holds an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland States University (1991), a European Master degree from Toulouse IAE School of Management in France with a major in Innovation Management (2005) and attended The General Management Program (TGMP) at Harvard Business School (2005). He earned a Ph.D. in Management from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University (exp. 2013) and his thesis is titled “the Organizational Journey Towards Pricing and Value Excellence”.

Stephan is a frequent guest lecturer at Toulouse School of Management, EM Lyon, University of Rochester, Wayne State University, Carlow University, University of Lugano where he teaches innovation, pricing and value management, leadership approaches and global business strategies.


  • ThinkBuzan® Licenced Instructor – iMindMap® (2012)
Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) (2009)
  • Certified Facilitator for DDI Learning Systems (2009)
Breakthrough Thinking (Gap International ECC 2007)
  • Six Sigma Green Belt (2007)
  • Prosci® Change Management Certification (2013)


Value and Pricing Management

Once value is created and differentiation established, it needs to be measured, quantified and somehow modeled. The process starts with a clear definition of the overall value proposition and the listing of essential value drivers (tangible and intangible). The Economic Value Estimation® methodology created by Strategic Pricing Group (now Monitor) is the best one to systematically assess business and economic value. Recently LeveragePoint Innovation has introduced a value-based pricing SaaS software to integrate all elements of the EVE® in combination with value selling and value communication dimensions of the value-based pricing process. These are powerful tools that best-in-class companies use to assess and quantify value, to communicate that value, and to derive the best pricing level for their products and services.

Pricing is the most powerful P of the marketing mix. It is the only revenue-generating P as well and can lead to dramatic increase in profit levels when done right. Yet, only 5% of Fortune 500 companies have a dedicated pricing function and only 9% of business schools have a dedicated pricing class. There is a long way to go before pricing is widely adopted and finds its well-deserved place in top management discussions. This is what drove my desire to conduct academic research in the field of pricing and to pursue a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University.

I have written lots of papers in the field of value and pricing management. I embrace and recommend the adoption of value-based pricing. As more and more companies jump on the band wagon, I encourage a revolution in our pricing orientation! Join the value-based pricing revolution!

Because the conceptualization of value and value management is different for everyone, a group of pricing and value experts got together to write and propose a common definition of what value management is. Words and definitions are important in the business world. This is a position paper from top practitioners and consultants from around the world who specialize in value-based pricing and value management strategies. This paper is free to download and we welcome its wide circulation to practitioners in the field of marketing, pricing and value management.

What Value Management Is – Click here to download

Please check the blog and publication sections of my site and read all pricing-related papers. Feel free to download them and to share them with your network.

Training Sessions and Workshops

My experience in building practical training programs that bridge theory, research and experience provides the skills to help your organization design unique and breakthrough training programs in; change management, innovation, value and pricing, strategic innovation management, creativity and mind mapping, and disruptive strategy for competitive advantage. To increase the relevance and impact of your team I combine dimensions of experiential and transformative learning theories giving them a unique experience. I believe in building sustainable capabilities in your team.

Online Courses

Please find below the links to several online courses prepared for Professional Pricing Society as well as free-of-charge webinars on the themes of value and pricing.


The ROI of Pricing

Book-THE_ROI_OF_PricingAs with executives and managers in so many other business functions, pricing specialists are being challenged more and more to substantiate the added value of their activities. Pricing is a core function of every business and needs not only to contribute positively to short- and long-term results but also to document its impact on the bottom line. A fundamental part of this is the pricing return on investment (ROI) calculations.

This second book, edited by globally renowned thought leaders Stephan Liozu and Andreas Hinterhuber, is the first to outline contemporary theories and best practices of documenting pricing ROI and make the case for pricing investments. It provides proven methods, practices and theories on how to calculate the impact of pricing activities on performance. Marketing ROI is now a common concept; this collection aims to do the same for pricing. Liozu and Hinterhuber introduce the concept of pricing ROI, documenting and quantifying the return on pricing activities and on the pricing function, which itself is of increasing relevance today and in the future, in times of budget constraints. Twenty world-class specialists explore the concept of pricing ROI from both a theoretical perspective and a managerial perspective to shed much-needed light on how to measure and increase pricing ROI.

This ground-breaking book will enlighten students and specialists of marketing and sales, pricing managers and executives alike.


Innovation in Pricing

Innovation in PricingPricing has a substantial and immediate impact on profitability. Most companies, however, still use costs or competition as a main basis for setting prices. Product or business model innovation has a high priority for many companies whereas innovation in pricing has received scant attention. This book examines how innovation in pricing can drive profits.

The text examines innovation in pricing from four complementary perspectives. Innovation in pricing strategy illustrates how companies implement innovative pricing strategies, such as customer value-based pricing. Innovation in pricing tactics deals with innovative tools to measure and increase customer willingness to pay and to communicate value to B2B and B2C customers. Innovation in organizing the pricing function looks at state-of-the art approaches to embed the pricing function in the organization. Psychological aspects of pricing illustrate how companies can influence customer perceptions of value and price in their question to implement innovation in pricing.

This edited volume brings together 26 articles from academics, business practitioners and consultants. Authors are from the world’s largest companies, leading research-based universities and consulting companies specialized in pricing.

This book is the only book dedicated to innovation in pricing and an essential read for business executives and pricing managers wishing to treat innovation in pricing as seriously as they treat product or business model innovation.


eBook – 2013 Lightning Strikes in Pricing

Stephan Liozu – 107 pages – $6.99

This eBook is a compilation of all guest blog essays written and published in 2013 on the topics of value and pricing management. The inspiration for these 49 essays came from multiple discussions with pricing practitioners, from professional presentations and some of the follow-up Q&A. You may have missed them last year. I wanted to save you time and offer a downloadable version in the form of a compilation. So you do not have to log on, to find them, and to do this one-by-one. You can purchase this eBook and read it on the go! This eBook is 107 pages long.

Managing price changes is an important dimension of pricing strategies. The field of knowledge in the area of managing price increases and price decreases is fragmented and not very robust. This eBook presents the fundamental activities to manage price increases and price decreases in B2B environments. The author reviews existing state-of-the-art processes and introduces his most preferred process based on years of experience and the best pricing knowledge available. The eBook also covers the logistics of the price increase process including some practical examples of documents and trackers that can be used for execution. More information is proposed on how to manage strategic customers and long-term contracts, as well as on how to build the sales force confidence with price increases. The eBook also focuses on how to manage price decreases when raw material costs are coming down. Finally, a strategic approach to price changes is introduced. All in all, this is unique review of both price increase and decrease processes with lots of practical examples. This unique eBook is 100 pages long.

eBook – A User’s Guide to Value Modeling

Liozu & Forth – 116 pages – $12.99

Value modeling is an essential part of value management. Value modeling breaks down value propositions into pieces called value drivers which can be monetized to measure differential economic value. This eBook is a practical guide on how to go through the value modeling exercise, how to measure economic value, and what the key success factors of value modeling are. The authors propose 15 examples of value models across several industries. They also offer the necessary vocabulary and resources to get started. This eBook is 116 pages long.


eBook – 2012 Lightning Strikes in Pricing

Stephan Liozu – 77 pages – $6.99

This eBook is a compilation of all guest blog essays written and published in 2012 on the topics of value and pricing management. The inspiration for these 29 essays came from multiple discussions with pricing practitioners, from professional presentations and some of the follow-up Q&A. You may have missed them last year. I wanted to save you time and offer a downloadable version in the form of a compilation. So you do not have to log on, to find them, and to do this one-by-one. You can purchase this eBook and read it on the go! This eBook is 77 pages long.


Position Paper – What is Value Management?

Liozu & Forth – 6 pages – Free

Value means different things for different people. The same goes for value management. This is a position paper prepared under Steven Forth’s leadership with contributions from the most respected value and pricing pundits in the world. These experts have a genuine interest of establishing a common vision and definition of what value management really and how it is implemented in firms. This paper is a compilation of thoughts, views and experiences that is integrative and dynamic in nature. Future versions will be uploaded as more content and knowledge is added. Download your copy for free right now!


Contact Info

For more information visit www.stephanliozu.com,  www.customervaluemodeling.com,  or www.changeagentinpricing.com or contact us at sliozu@case.edu.

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