Expert Spotlight | ABC Pricing Expert

ph.logo.sublogos.experts.transPricingHub is honored to have  a well respected list of sponsors of our organization and of our unique publications and resource databases. It is our sponsor’s continued support that makes it possible for us to provide a hub for high-value newsevents, career info, and resources to pricing professionals and do our part to increase the awareness of the power of effective pricing strategy and technology.

Expert Spotlight Page’s Contents Include:

  • Embedded Logo at top right of “ABC Pricing Expert Vendor” (linked to Vendor’s homepage)
  • About “ABC Pricing Expert Vendor” paragraph with Homepage URL included
  • List of up to 4 labeled links to “ABC Pricing Expert’s” featured company webpages
  • A few paragraphs, embedded images to showcase “ABC Pricing Expert Vendor” in general or a specific product/service offering [Submit in Word Doc, please send graphics as attachments or include URLs to graphics on web]