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Tech Spotlight | Vistaar

Vistaar is a leading SaaS software provider that enables companies to optimize pricing, promotion, configuration, and rebate management.  Our solutions are powered by predictive models leveraged by machine learning that deliver profitable growth and maximize shareholder value.  Our world-class customer base spans a broad range of industries throughout the Global 2000 and includes: manufacturing, beverage alcohol, retailers, and many others.


Vistaar SmartQuote

for the Global 2000

Vistaar’s SmartQuote is a world-class SaaS solution that manages and optimizes the configure, price and quote process (CPQ).  SmartQuote’s easy to use workflows with embedded analytics make the solution easy to use for all classes of users. The software produces margin and revenue growth that ultimately drives improved earnings per share.


Vistaar Retail Price Optimization

for the Retail Industry

Vistaar’s Retail Pricing Optimization (RPO) solution is a proven end-to-end pricing optimization solution that drives profitable growth for retail store chains. Sophisticated yet easy to use software, powered by predictive consumer response models enable retailers to identify and deliver on margin, revenue and volume opportunities. The solution will benefit any category. Recent deployments include: Rx pharmacy, fuel, tobacco, beer, eBooks, and e-music.


Vistaar Price & Reimbursement Platform

for the Beverage Alcohol Industry

Over 80% of the premium spirits and 55% of the premium wine sold in the United States use Vistaar’s software platform for pricing and rebate management. Our customers include many of the world’s leading beverage alcohol companies including Beam, Sazerac, Pernod, and Glazer’s. Vistaar customers have realized as much as 30 to 50 cents per case in improved profit through solution deployment.


Vistaar Technology Platform

for all companies

Many companies have selected Vistaar to improve their go-to-market capabilities. Our client list spans virtually all industries for companies of all size.  The inherent flexibility of our technology enables us to successfully address extremely diverse business requirements. We are able to deploy sophisticated SaaS solutions that drive measurable results, quickly and without exorbitant costs.

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