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The Professional Pricing Society (PPS) Story

For decades professional associations around the world have dramatically assisted the growth of major industries, while contributing to the betterment of society in general. PPS carries on this tradition by acting as the voice of the pricing profession and providing valuable pricing strategies, publications, research and other pricing resources. Founded in 1984, it now serves thousands of members, representing all leading industries and over 50 countries.

The Professional Pricing Society’s mission is to nurture a growing community of pricing professionals committed to disseminating pricing expertise throughout the business world. We do this by providing a multi-platform forum through which exceptionally talented and creative experts can exchange cutting edge pricing strategies, tactics and technology. In short, we connect great ideas with great people.

Currently, PPS produces three major annual pricing conferences in Europe and North America. Each conference also houses a technology hall where sponsors display the latest in Pricing Solutions software. PPS also offers more than two dozen, full-day training workshops every year, taught by leaders in the pricing community. These workshops serve as the foundation for PPS’s Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation, our state of the art pricing certification program. Candidates may be certified after mastering a multi-stage curriculum followed by rigorous testing. Successful CPPs have acquired the core knowledge which not only places them in the top rungs of the pricing field, but also gives them the tools to enhance substantially their own careers.

To encourage further the exchange of innovative pricing strategies and ideas, the Society publishes an eight-page monthly newsletter and a 36-page quarterly journal to our worldwide membership. Further, the PPS website is a central resource for state-of-the-art pricing knowledge and hosts a job site where professionals can post or review new opportunities in the industry.


Why Become A Professional Pricing Society (PPS) Member?

Your PPS membership will allow you to connect to a global pricing network of your peers who have the same career focus.

Start your membership today to gain a competitive advantage and pricing power through PPS’ conferences, online training and access to top pricing executives.

Career Advancement

Increase your value by developing new knowledge, skills and solutions from leading experts in the pricing community.

Your PPS membership will put you on the fast-track to obtaining your Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation.

Membership Benefits

Maximize your PPS membership experience by accessing over 1,000 pricing articles, webinars/podcasts, monthly newsletters & quarterly journals, salary surveys–along with a wide array of pricing strategies and best practice tools.

Members also receive special discounts to all PPS events around the globe.

Membership Types

PPS memberships run for a full calendar year (unless noted otherwise). The flexibility of the multi-year packages allow you more up-front savings.

Our membership levels include: Individual, Corporate 5, Corporate 10, Corporate 20, Corporate 100.

Learn more here: http://pricingsociety.com/become-a-member



The Certified Pricing Professional program is your one-stop solution for addressing many of the pricing problems you may encounter in the conduct of your business. Whether it is price optimization or revenue management, by obtaining advanced knowledge and expertise in pricing, you can set yourself apart from your competition and steer your organization in the direction you want.

But how?

The Professional Pricing Society is working with leading business and academic experts in the field to prepare a one-of-a-kind curriculum that addresses all aspects of pricing you can imagine and more. Through the CPP program, you can take online courses, receive study material, and attend workshops featuring lectures by pricing experts. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to. The training you receive under the CPP program is extensive and all-inclusive.


On the successful completion of the CPP program, you receive the esteemed CPP
designation. Our CPP designation is the equivalent of graduating from a pricing
university, if there ever was one. It is recognizable industry-wide as a symbol
for pricing expertise. It is the culmination of an academic endeavor that the
pricing profession clearly lacks.

To earn the CPP designation, you need:

  • 6 CPP Credits: The successful conclusion of each course counts as a credit.
  • Post-course test: The post-course test follows the completion of individual courses.
  • CPP Accreditation Exam: The 4-hour long final exam ensures the rigors required to maintain standards of quality.
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Pricing is one of the most significant aspects of conducting a business since it directly determines your profit margins, sales volume, and market position. Here’s how achieving a CPP designation can help you in these three key areas:

Profit margins: One of the primary aims of a business is maximizing profits. With the CPP designation, you would be better prepared to achieve that.

Sales volume: Focusing too much on profit margins can negatively impact your sales volume. The CPP program offers valuable solutions to finding a balance between maximizing profits and increasing sales.

Market share: Both of the aforementioned factors determine your market share. Most of our CPP alumni have successfully been able to cement their company’s position in the market.

Learn more here: http://pricingsociety.com/cpp



The Professional Pricing Society brings today’s cutting edge pricing training to you – wherever you are in the world. We have a compelling curriculum of Online Pricing Courses, with new relevant courses being added each quarter. With our flexible pricing training options, you can get the education you need on a schedule that works for you!

Are you interested in learning more about the Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) and seeing how a course looks? View our demo course where Dr. Tim Smith, CPP explains how to earn your CPP and why you need to for professional advancement!

In addition, all of your course materials are available to you On-Demand and you can contact your  course professors at any time with questions or for assistance with the materials.

View Online Pricing Courses

We also offer the industry standard professional pricing certification – the Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) – via and live Workshops hosted during our conferences around the world.

We can help you develop a personal pricing education roadmap to give you the exact tools your need based on your industry and professional background.

Pricing Workshops and Conferences

Spring Event

PPS - Miami 2017 ConfYou want your pricing “done right,” but how do you conquer the key pricing challenges that face your corporation?

Find out how you can build a winning corporate strategy at the PPS 28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference in Miami, FL!

We will be at the Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel, from May 2-5, 2017 for a week of opportunities to help you align your organization for its highest potential!

Follow the hashtag #PPSMIA on social media networks.

Visit pricingsociety.com for the latest information.

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Fall Event

PPS - San Diego 2017 Conf

Please make plans to join us and well over 500 of your peers for the best event anywhere as we discuss Data, Change Management & the Profit Landscape — in San Diego, CA, October 24-27, 2017. Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Discount (Buy 2 Get 1 Free). It expires September 15th!


  • 12 Certified Pricing Professional Workshops
  • 4 Breakout Tracks
  • Over 40 Speakers
  • 2 Full Conference Days
  • Over 100 Hours of Networking

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