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“Pay For Use” Best Way To Combat Urban Congestion & Pollution, Researchers Say | CleanTechnica

There are many ideas on how to fight urban congestion and pollution. Researchers at the University of British Columbia have investigated more than 60 of them and come up with one recommendation — “pay for use” pricing of roads. Yup, the unseen hand of market economics is indeed best for the efficient allocation of scarce resources. The study is available now at the Journal of Transport and Health.

Lead author Alexander Bigazzi says, “We looked at the entire body of literature, including hundreds of published papers, and identified 65 studies documenting the real-world effects of 22 types of traffic management strategies, including speed enforcement programs, lane management such as HOV lanes, road and congestion pricing, and trip reduction strategies like incentives for telecommuting or ride sharing.

“The strategies with the best evidence of air quality improvements are area road/congestion pricing and low emission zones. Other strategies have potential benefits, but there is less empirical evidence, either because the benefits are very small or because the benefits are offset by some other effect. It’s often assumed that any traffic management strategy that reduces congestion will also reduce emissions, but that’s not always the case.”

If people know they are going to pay a fee to drive, they may combine several destinations into one trip or elect to shop online instead. Fewer journeys means fewer cars on the road. Fewer cars means less congestion and lower emissions. It’s simple arithmetic. Life is like a slow-motion auction. We decide with fruits and vegetables to buy, which cars to own, what clothes to buy, and what house to purchase based on price. Pricing signals rank high in the hierarchy of factors we consider as part of almost every decision we make on a daily basis.

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“Pay For Use” Best Way To Combat Urban Congestion & Pollution, Researchers Say | CleanTechnica.

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