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On-Demand Training: Value-Based Pricing and Value Modeling – Theoretical & Practical Perspectives | Stephan Liozu & PPS 

As part of his Ph.D. research, Stephan Liozu studied the organizational and behavioral factors influencing the firm transformation towards pricing excellence. Pricing excellence combines both dimensions of pricing orientation and pricing realization leading too superior pricing power and ultimately to superior firm performance. During his research explorations, Stephan Liozu studied in depth the value-based pricing methodology and one of the steps of this methodology called economic value modeling. This PPS Online Pricing Course will present the latest concepts, practices and tools related to both methodologies.

This Online Pricing Course will combine theoretical information as well as very practical recommendations on how to implement value-based pricing and conduct a value modeling process. Stephan will present a case study on how he was able to pilot and test his 5 C model of transformation in practice.

Stephan Liozu will also review the main concepts of pricing orientation and pricing realization. He will also present some of the latest concepts related to value-based pricing including some definitions, key success factors and potential barriers to adoption. The value modeling process will be discussed in great details and several examples of value models will be presented.

Duration: 190 minutes

Attendees will learn:

  • Introduction to new and exciting findings from academic research on how to transform an organization to reach pricing excellence
  • Latest theoretical and practical aspects of value-based pricing and value modeling
  • Discover practical ways and tips to make the transformation towards value-based pricing successful
  • The top executive’s perspective on the importance of the pricing function and of having the right pricing orientation
  • The process of value modeling from a practical perspective and what the key success factors are. Case studies will be introduced

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