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Blog: Raise your prices to sell more | Binpress

BinpressPutting a price on software is one of the most difficult decisions for developers when releasing their own products. We’ve previously written about how to approach pricing like a science and how to address specific technical audience. We also shared a post about learning from price changes.

This time we want to share some insights from over 2 years of running Binpress, about what components sell the most and generate the most revenue, and how it relates to their pricing (and licensing). While we’re talking about Binpress components here, this article is relevant for selling any kind of business or developer oriented software.

Higher priced components sell better and generate more revenue. And it’s not even close

Lets compare some sales numbers between lower and higher priced components.

  • Components priced at 100$ or more generate 51% more sales compared to lower priced components.
  • Components priced at 100$ or more generate 1,269% more revenue compared to lower priced components. Yep, that’s a factor of more than 12 higher revenue.

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