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sposeaSPOSEA B.V.’s main goal is to simplify SAP Price Optimization, Management and Execution. We provide the SAP ecosystem with enterprise-wide Price Management that increases margins through optimized prices.

We provide out of the box solutions for effectively managing Pricing in SAP. SPOSEA is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and has offices in San Francisco, California and Walldorf, Germany.

The SPOSEA suite of products gives business true enterprise wide control of their pricing process and includes BrightPrice Optimizer, BrightPrice Manager and BrightPrice DealManager.

The science, algorithms, and best practices combined in powerful solutions allows for driving pricing improvements in every stage of the pricing cycle.

Our world class pricing optimization engine allows customers to optimize their pricing models with competitive license fees, with full transparency and governance and unlocking all pricing relevant data from any data source.

SPOSEA price management and optimization solutions are deployed at some of the worlds biggest companies because of their comprehensive out of the box propositions, vision, deep integration with SAP, competitive license fees and drive to change the P-O-M market.


SPOSEA was founded with the goal of providing SAP ERP customers a best of breed experience for simplifying Price Optimization & Management, without the hassle of endless implementation projects, and without feeling bank robbed. Our mission is building solutions which benefits you as a customer, in other words, the freedom to use a out of the box price management & optimization solution for B2B companies globally.

Unlike other vendors who claim to be superior, we want YOU to be superior in your day to day management of pricing. Also we do not pride ourselves only serving the largest corporations out there, as in layman terms this means their solution is overpriced and not affordable for the majority of great companies out there. We are proud to offer a solution to any size company which is in need for a productive Price Management solution.


We have a clear focus, bringing the best price optimization & management solution to the SAP ERP customer who wishes to optimize their margins and profits, but does not want to start yet another expensive project or pay exorbitant license fees. Our solutions are on par and better, comparing to legacy 3rd party vendors, offering Price Management, Price Optimization, Simulation of Margins and Profit, Risk Management, Governance/Workflow, so we are confident that we can offer you the right product for effectively managing the pricing cycle, like we have done for our highly valued existing customers.


Commitment to continuous innovation, incorporating best practices and intuitiveness ensures a fast ROI, fast time to value, and a very low cost of ownership compared to homegrown or other third party solutions. We dare to compare, as our references speak for themselves.

The science we apply brings you the best outcome. We take extra pride in the fact that our engineering and scientist team is very engaged in always bringing the best to our customers. The team brings a wealth of pricing knowledge to you, gathered from real life situations. We do not have a legacy in terms of “knitting” modules together, and all our solutions are fresh, innovative, state of the art and do live up to nowadays standards, and beyond!

SAP Partnership

Our SAP expertise in the field of business we are in, is second to none, so beyond bringing the best solution to you, we can also ensure you a great support experience.

Our customers achieve tangible results in improving margins and growing profits. Beyond that they also list the following as key benefits deploying our products,

  • Significant reduction of price optimization & management administration
  • Reduction of margin leakage from non compliant-, extended terms and late payments
  • Escalation automation when transactions are done outside of the predefined parameters
  • Having visibility and “what if” analysis during sourcing and negotiations
  • Reduced administration because of standardized approval and governance processes
  • Better insight on pricing “lag” when comparing to cost increases
  • The ability to address lower margin and process leakage improvement opportunities

Technology Commitment

Committed to SAP and its technology, the IT advantages are obvious,

Because of the tight integration and technical alignment there is a low risk deploying our solution.

We do not need lengthy implementations nor consultancy projects. We have architected our solution in such way that all functionality comes out of the box.

We leverage pricing data available in SAP ERP systems, so we do not reinvent the wheel by transporting data into a black box. Look at us as an add-on to your existing landscape as we bring you the tools to optimize and manage your pricing, while you bring the data!

SPOSEA Solutions

BrightPrice Manager – Simplifying Price Optimization & Management in SAP

With BrightPrice Manager, the SAPGUI Edition, (UI5 Edition here) SPOSEA builds upon the proven SAP environment by making it easier, faster and more effective to maintain prices accross the SAP landscape. Today too many resources are involved in maintaining prices, there is hardly no governance in the process, there are issues with custom development and most tools available are too expensive to justify easy and fast price maintenance in SAP, TILL NOW.

BrightPrice DealManager – Increase margins with realtime Price Guidance

BrightPrice DealManager, gives company representatives a powerful tool to visualize customer critical information.

Information which can be used for commercial negotiations, understanding why deals are won or lost for that matter, and we all do that directly in SAP.

Our CPQ tool, Customer Price Quotations is unique in its kind, as its resides in SAP, allows you to work with the familiar SAP user interface, and gives you the most actual data without the need to download data first, and allows you to put any customer critical information to win the deal in the hands of any employee who is responsible for generating revenue.

BrightPrice Optimizer β – Simplify SAP Price Optimization, Management and Execution for SAP S4/Hana

With BrightPrice Optimizer, companies get a powerful solution to effectivily optimize and analyze price data contained in the SAP landscape. BrightPrice Optimizer provides optimization and predictive analytics capabilities. No hassle having to acquire different modules, no need for endless consultancy projects as we deliver about every pricing algorythm one can think of, and if that is not sufficient you can mix and match the algorythms using our powerful Rule Manager. In short we bring you a lean and mean approach to optimize and analyze prices in a near realtime environment.

Sposea’s BrightPrice includes all the functionality an SAP customer needs for optimizing and managing pricing data contained in their landscape, whether using SAP’s latest S4/Hana on itself or together with SAP ECC.

BrightPrice MarketDynamics – Dynamic pricing solution for Geo-Targeted Price Optimization

The Right Price All Over the World


Our Dynamic pricing software combines real- time market analyses with intelligent price optimization techniques. The optimal pricing strategy will boost your traffic, sales and profits.


Our Exit Intent technology uses refined behavioral analysis techniques to trigger a coupon box with an appealing offer to retain them, the moment they were about to leave. It also analyses mouse movements, scrolling behavior as well as browsing behavior.


In depth statistical analysis of economical indicators coupled with the purchasing data gathered on your website provides you a smart price to start within the location with a few visitors.


Analyses the purchasing data from test visitors group and figure out the suitable price for your website right now!


Rely on our comprehensive, up-to-date IP addresses’ database to find out the exact location of each visitor – all over the world.


Geo-targeted price optimization maximizes your profit per visitor – not only globally, but also at the national, regional and city level.


Switch on to the right local currency – to get the latest exchange rates for each visitor.It comes out-of-the-box, in all currencies that you support


Our web services are hosted for you on a scalable, highly available cloud environment. No software installation or server set-up. Just start through at ease.


While we maximize your profit on long term basis, you may plan about your short term strategy. Manage sales as usual on your e-commerce platform, as we apply them automatically.


Mobile ecommerce has grown to a major trend, too. This brings you in direct competition with local retailers. People browse your website even from a shopping mall. And they just love to compare prices. Mobile e-commerce helps to compare prices.


Darwin pricing enables you to run geo-targeted sales campaign to compete with local retailers. And help your company ensure success in every single city with the help of geo targeted promotions.


You can rely worldwide on the IP intelligence services provided by us. Visitors are being Geolocated based on their IP address. They never have to accept cookies or share their Geolocation data.


We offer e-coupons, targeted specifically at different regions to measure the impact of different coupons on conversions, revenue and profits in each location.


Retrieving a price, recording a purchase – dynamic pricing integrates into your e-commerce platform with no more than two lines of code both in the backend and the frontend

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