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Tech Spotlight | Perfect Price

Perfect Price

Perfect Price leverages decades of research and development at organizations like Microsoft, Twitter, and Fermilab to forecast and optimize in a revolutionary way.

The company empowers organizations with cutting-edge technology so that they are always prepared for what comes next.

Its machine learning leverages proprietary data – the biggest competitive advantage–to increase average rates, utilization, and profit.

Perfect Price works with forward-thinking companies in industries ranging from rental car and airline to sports clubs and gas stations.

For any company with large volumes of data, AI is worth serious consideration.

Actionable Insights Powered by AI

Powerful AI lets you anticipate and react to changes in demand and your market in real-time. And with software that continually learns and improves, your pricing team will always be ready for what comes next.

Perfect Price delivers artificial intelligence for pricing and revenue management.

Our AI platform makes millions of pricing decisions for forward-thinking companies around the world. Our cloud-based service allows customers to quickly anticipate and react to changes in demand in real-time – enabling them to maximize revenues, profit, and utilization.

By coupling powerful AI and third-party data, our dynamic revenue and price optimization software empowers companies to stay ahead of constantly changing market dynamics and customer behaviors.

Our software automates pricing changes, predicts demand, and adapts to market conditions in real-time. Trusted by brands such as Getaround™ and Thrifty Car Rental®, Perfect Price enhances even the best pricing teams.

Webinar (On-Demand): Machine Learning & Pricing with PPS | Perfect Price

Watch CEO of Perfect Price, Alexander Shartsis, discuss machine learning and pricing with the Professional Pricing Society (PPS).

PPS is the world’s largest association of pricing professionals, and usually asks tough questions!