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What analyzing 25,537 sales calls using AI tells us about pricing discussions during sales calls

In Gong’s conversation science research series, we’re revealing what we’ve discovered from analyzing massive amounts of recorded B2B sales conversations using AI, speech-to-text, and machine learning technology. For more information on how we conduct this sales conversation data analysis, check out our research manifesto.

“The technology is awesome. But how much does it cost?” demanded the prospect from the other side of the table.

His eyebrows were furrowed, and I could tell he was anxious.

Looking at my watch, we were 42 minutes into a long sales call where we had a lively discussion about Gong’s conversation intelligence platform.

This type-A, charismatic VP of Sales prospect had asked every question in the book.

So I was surprised that a pricing question came up so late in the game.

And having my knowledge of the research data that reveals when top sales professionals reveal price in their sales calls, I had no reservations spelling out our pricing model in great detail.

I told my forward-leaning prospect what the price was, and watched the tension melt from his shoulders.

His facial expression dissolved from anxious anticipation to pleasantly surprised.

“Okay,” he said with relief. “That’s not too bad for what you guys are delivering. Send me the contract.”

Data-Driven Sales Pricing Discussions

Pricing is a delicate subject in sales.

Simply positioning and framing your pricing model in a different light can have a massive impact on sales outcomes… without even changing the pricing itself.

So what does data have to say about how sales professionals should handle pricing discussions to increase their chances of success?

Analyzing 25,537 B2B sales conversations using artificial intelligence has given us our first glimpse in answering that question.

Let’s take a look…

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Pricing: Science Tells Us When, and How Often, Sales Reps Should Talk About It. – Gong.