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Article: What was the best Pricing Strategy in the News Case Study of 2013? | Pricing News

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  1. JCPenny > 14 votes (51%)
  2. Uber > 6 votes (22%)
  3. Netflix > 4 votes (14%)
  4. Amazon > 2 votes (7%)
  5. Apple > 1 votes (3%)


Highlighted Comments

Mark Burton
Vice President, Pricing Expert, Author, Holden Advisors

A lot of good choices. I picked JCPenny because it is such a strong illustration of how customers that are trained on discounts are difficult to impossible to move back to a more disciplined pricing program. It also highlights how important it is for pricers to understand how the principles of behavioral economics impact customer price perceptions and purchasing behaviors when formulating pricing strategy.

Matt Burnett
Pricing Analyst at B&Q

Uber is interesting for me. An unorthodox service with a premium, dynamic pricing strategy. Yet many people appear to believe that it should be within their purchasing power. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, perhaps it’s a case of comparing an Uber ride with a standard taxi, thus causing a price perception/ value gap. Who knows. Interesting though.

Chris Watters
Strategic Development Manager (Argos) at Home Retail Group PLC

JCP gets my vote. A bold strategy that from a purely theoretical perspective was sound and simple. However, it highlights that whilst Pricing Strategy is important, it is merely one of many factors that impact sales and margin. Poor marketing execution, tired branding and medicore merchandise were key factors. Finally, not understanding your customer: bargain hunters won’t shop with you if there are no bargins to hunt!

Stefan Michel
IMD Professor of Marketing and Service Management

JCP gets my vote too. It is the perfect case of how to link customer insights, organizational learning, internal alignment and pricing.

Write in submissions are encouraged in comments if you think another name should be on the list. Results will be published after the poll closes.

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