Blog: The story of Asia Pricing Professionals | Jesper Hansson

Asia Pricing Professionals (APP) was established in 2011 by a few pricing practitioners. I was one of them. At first we were just meeting up to share ideas and challenges from our daily jobs. There wasn’t many pricing practitioners in Singapore back then. Most people working with pricing were either doing so in a marketing, finance or product management role.
Not many people had considered to dedicate a full time employee only to pricing and I remember it was so refreshing to actually meet people who were doing the same as I was – and who actually knew exactly what my role and challenges were. We met a few times and decided to invite any pricing practitioners we could find to join us.
Since then a huge number of companies in Asia has started focusing on pricing and today it is a well known profession, just as marketing and sales. APP has grown as well and developed dramatically since when we could all fit in around a meeting table. Today we are more than 1,400 members from all countries in the Asia Pacific region. We are still honoring the principles of being a not for profit organization. Everything we do is done by pricing practitioners for pricing practitioners. We are all volunteers and just as we love working with pricing, we still love meeting up with other practitioners to network, exchange innovative ideas, case stories, best practice and knowledge.
In 2012 we had out first pricing conference in Singapore and last year we had another one – also in Singapore. I believe the first one was a success but we all agreed that we could do better and what we build last year, was certainly a lot better. This year we decided that it was time to move out of our comfort zone and we decided to have our conference in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia and we are planning to go even further away from home in 2015. We are growing and so is pricing in Asia. It is exciting times for all of us who knows that that Price is the only one of the 4 P’s which is not a cost.
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